Township Park Information

All Township park facilities, walking trails, and dog park will be closed when it snows

When visiting the municipal park, playground, athletic field, or walking trail, please be sure to park in stoned/paved areas only. Your cooperation in not parking on grass areas is appreciated!

Delaware County Parks
Looking for a new recreational area? Please Click here to see the Delaware County parks listing.

Woodlawn Trustees Walking Trail
Woodlawn Trustees of Delaware has been involved in the growth of the Wilmington park system and the preservation of open space in the Brandywine Valley since the late 1800's. Woodlawn is a nonprofit (but tax-paying) real estate business managed by a board of directors with earnings channeled back into the company. It was established in 1901 by William Bancroft, a partner in his father’s cotton mills, Joseph Bancroft & Sons Company. William Bancroft was made a partner in his father’s cotton mills at the age of 30. Through the successful operation of these mills he acquired the means to give of his time, money, and energy to housing, orderly development, and parks.

Woodlawn Trustees of Delaware has significant holdings in Delaware and the Brandywine Valley. What you may not be aware of is that some of their public trails cross into Concord Township. Concord Township residents are invited to walk, bike, and ride horseback on designated trails and grassy strips along the road frontage of this immediate area between 8:00 a.m. and dusk. There is a designated parking site on Beaver Valley Road, not far from the Delaware/Pennsylvania state line. Posted rules must be obeyed.

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