Concord Township

Delaware County,

Route 322 PennDOT Advisory Committee

The Department of Transportation has begun final design of highway and bridge improvements to US Route 322 (SR 0322), Section 100 between US Route 1 and Interstate Route 95 in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The Delaware Valley. A PennDOT Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been formed consisting of representatives from Bethel, Concord, and Upper Chichester Townships, the Delaware County Planning Commission, PennDOT District 6-0, Alfred Benesch & Company, A. G. Lichtenstein, GTS Technologies, Inc., Grove Miller Engineering, and Skelly & Loy.

PenDOT's Web site for more information on the Route 322 project

Concord Township Task Force Members

  • Dominic A. Pileggi, Board of Supervisors
  • Dominic J. Cappelli, Jr., Board of Supervisors
  • Virginia L. DeNenno, Planning Commission
  • Sarita Trivedi, Planning Commission
  • Robert Little, Resident
  • John Heyburn, Resident
  • James Racz, Resident


  • Robert T. Caldwell III, Planning Commission
  • Michael T. Kirlin, Planning Commission
  • Frank A. Lamanna, Resident

The next PAC meeting is tentatively planned for Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at the Upper Chichester Township Building. The design team will share some recent important information with the PAC at this meeting. Since the last PAC meeting, the dsign team has continued to review the input from this and other meetings and conducted any appropriate analyses to address comments received on the project. The Joint Permit Application is being prepared for submission. Coordination with the townships will continue during this time.

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