COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates
last updated:  01/06/2020

COVID-19 Vaccination Update
Currently, 1A priority groups are being vaccinated. This includes healthcare workers, EMS workers, residents and staff of long-term care facilities, and medical examiner and funeral staff.

The County is currently preparing to vaccinate Phase 1B priority groups. Phase 1B includes Childcare Staff, Corrections Staff, County, and Municipal Administration Staff, Educators/Education Staff, Firefighters, Food and Agriculture Staff, Grocery Store Staff, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing Staff, Transit Staff, U.S. Postal Service Staff, and residents age 75 years and older.

To express your interest in the vaccination and to receive notifications when appointments are available, Phase 1B groups and individuals should complete the Vaccine Interest Survey which can be found on Delaware County’s partner website through Chester County’s Health Department. 

To complete the Phase 1B priority group survey, visit the Chester County COVID-19 Vaccine Information page at:

More information for the time frame of distribution for all phases will be communicated once it becomes available.  Time frames are dependent upon the availability of vaccine and are subject to change.  Other phased grouping information can be found through the Chester County website.

Township Building Open for Essential Business / Appointments ONLY!
The Township building is open to visitors for essential business only. Office restrictions following the CDC & Governor’s Guidelines are in place.  Staff will be working in staggered shifts each day (in-office and remotely).  We encourage all residents with non-urgent business to stay home and to continue to contact the township staff via email or phone.
Click Here for Township Staff Contact List.
Click Here to see the Continuity of Business Operations Plan - 11/30/2020.

State Announces New Mitigation Efforts
Wolf Administration COVID-19 Announcements:
  • Protecting The Health Care System, New Traveler Testing Order, Strengthened Masking Order, Recommendations For Colleges And Universities.
    Click Here to read 11/17/2020 Press Release.
  • As COVID-19 Cases Reach Critical Levels, Wolf Admin Announces New Mitigation Efforts.
    Click Here to read 11/23/2020 Press Release.
Delaware County Council Announcements:
  • PA Department of Health Orders Additional COVID-19 Mitigation Strategies
    Click Here to read 11/25/2020 Press Release.

On June 1, 2020, Township Council finalized Resolution 38-2020 to assist Concord Township restaurant owners; allowing for temporary outdoor dining during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

An application must be filed.  Fees are waivedTemporary permits have been extended to April 9, 2021.

To ensure receipt, business owners are requested to email their applications to all both processing staff members: Maureen Kelly and Christina Mahoney.

For more information, please see the below helpful links:

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