page last updated:  10/18/2021

Leaf Pickup Day - November 17th
On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, Township Public Works personnel will pick up bagged leaves at curbside.

Contact the Township office to sign up at:  or  610-459-8911

Sign up is required. Set out bags for collection on the designated day. The collection bags should not contain anything other than leaves. Only bags containing leaves will be picked up. Paper lawn/leaf/refuse bags are available to residents at the Township building. The first five bags are free; additional bags can be purchased for a nominal fee (5 for $1.50).
Concord Ventures Status
Sept. 7, 2021:
 - Entry of Appearance in Concord Ventures Mandamus
 - Concord Township's Preliminary Objections, Legal Memorandum in Support Thereof, etc.

Aug. 11, 2021: A comment from the Concord Township Solicitor & Council regarding Concord Ventures published notice:
"The recent furtive maneuver of filing a Notice of Deemed Approval by Concord Ventures has no factual or legal basis and will be addressed in the Courts by the Township and the Objectors. This is but another futile attempt to obfuscate the record and circumvent the appropriate Appellate review of the Township’s denial based on the clear deficiencies of the plan submitted by the Developer."

U.S. 1 South (Baltimore Pike) Long-Term Pattern Begins Saturday for Concrete Patching in Chadds Ford Township
PennDOT Announcement: Southbound U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) motorists will encounter a lane closure 24/7 between U.S. 202 (Wilmington Pike) and Hoffman Mill Road on Saturday, August 28, through Saturday, September 4, for concrete patching under a project to repair and resurface approximately six miles of U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) in Concord, Chadds Ford and Pennsbury Townships.

Southbound U.S. 1 (Baltimore Pike) motorists are advised to allow extra time when traveling through the work areas because backups and delays will occur due to these operations. All scheduled activities are weather dependent.

Scam Alert: Phone calls soliciting donations for local firefighters and EMTs are scam calls.
Residents have been receiving phone calls soliciting donations for local firefighters and EMTs. The Concordville Fire & Protective Association does not solicit by phone. Using mailers, Concordville has two fund drives per year: the Ambulance Fund Drive in Spring and the Fire Fund Drive in Fall. You can also make a donation directly to Concordville Fire & Protective Association by visiting their webpage:

Remember - What you contribute to your community should stay in your community; where it does you, and the ones you love, the most good.

Pollutant Reduction Plan
As discussed at Council’s June 1st public meeting, Concord Township has developed a Pollutant Reduction Plan to maintain authorization to discharge from a small municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) to regulated waters of the commonwealth under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit.

Click Here to see the Pollutant Reduction Plan.  Hard copy of this plan is available for viewing at the Township building. 

Please submit any comments, questions or concerns, along with your contact information, to Township Manager Amanda Serock at

US 202 / US 1 Intersection Area Improvements Project
As discussed at Council’s April 6th public meeting, the US 202/US 1 intersection area improvements project, located in Concord and Chadds Ford Townships, involves the installation of landscaping and improvements to ease congestion.

Click Here to see the project plan.

Please submit any comments/questions/concerns along with your contact information to Greg Scafonas, PE at

SCRAPE, SQUASH, STOP!Spotted Lanternfly
The Spotted Lanternfly

Did you miss the Concord Township Council & Newlin Grist Mill public information session regarding the Spotted Lanternfly?

Visit the Township's Spotted Lanternfly webpage to watch the presentation given by Newlin Grist Mill's Jessica Shahan.

U.S. Route 1 / Baltimore Pike Repaving
PennDOT has announced the repair and resurfacing of Baltimore Pike (US 1) from the Chester/Delaware County border in Chadds Ford Twp to Pole Cat Road in Concord Township. The project will include milling, paving overlay, paving rehabilitation, concrete patching/repair, new concrete medians, new striping, delineators and signage, guiderail upgrades and accessible ramps. The project will start this spring and run through the summer of 2022, with most construction occurring in off-peak hours and all lanes open during peak travel times.

Sewer Projects
For more information on the Smithbridge Estates and Penns Grant I & II sewer projects, visit the Sewer Projects page.

An important reminder from Concord Township and the PA State Police
Smithbridge Road Park continues to be a target for vehicle break-ins. Please do not leave anything of value visible within your vehicle and please lock your car doors.
Residents are asked to please report any suspicious activity immediately to PA State Police, Media Barracks by calling 911.
• Close your windows and lock your doors.
• Remove valuables or place them in the trunk.
• Remove “pull out” style radio face plates.
• Do not leave keys in the car.
• Do not leave the car running.
• If possible, secure mounting hardware out of sight.
Help keep storm sewer inlets clear

Crews are working hard to visit and clear out every culvert and storm sewer inlet. YOU CAN HELP. Do not sweep, rake, or blow leaves and other yard waste into the street. If you see debris blocking an inlet and it is safe, help clear the inlet. If there is a clogged drain that is difficult to clear, please contact the Township Office at 610-459-8911.


Concord Township residents are experiencing clogged lateral sewer lines due to items other than toilet paper being flushed.

Many Americans appear to be following the recommendations of public health officials to clean and sterilize frequently touched surfaces in their homes. Many are then depositing wipes, paper towels and other paper products into the toilet. Sewer systems were not designed to accommodate anything other than toilet paper. The result has been backed-up sewer lines and overflowing toilets.

Keep your sewer line from becoming clogged! Please, only flush toilet paper down the toilet!

Adelphia Gateway Project
Adelphia Gateway, LLC has started a project to re-purpose an existing transmission pipeline that crosses along the eastern side of Concord Township. The pipeline originally carried fuel oil from the Marcus Hook refinery area to a PP&L electrical power plant in the Pocono area. The pipeline will now carry natural gas from upstate to the Marcus Hook area.

A main line valve is currently being installed in the area northwest of the Baltimore Pike and Stoney Bank Road intersection next to (2) existing pipeline valves. The work will be done on the existing right-of-way, with access from Baltimore Pike. The pipeline will be tested prior to being put in service, and periodically while in service, as required by federal regulations. The required pipeline markers at highway crossings have been changed to reflect the change in use. The Fire Dept. is aware of the change in use and will adjust their response procedures accordingly.

Click Here to see mailed project brochure.

For more information, visit the Adelphia Gateway, LLC website: 

PennDOT Route 322 Widening & Improvements Project
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has completed three years of construction on the $62.6 million Section 101 contract to widen and improve 2.5 miles of U.S. 322 (Conchester Highway) and has opened the highway to two lanes in each direction from U.S 1 (Baltimore Pike) to Clayton Park in Concord Township.  Click Here to see PennDOT's 12/17/2020 press release.