How to Make A Tax Payment

How to Make a Tax Payment 

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are several ways to make payment of your Concord Township and Garnet Valley School District taxes.
They are as follows:

Payment Type Location     Please Note     
By Mail 

Concord Township
C/O TD Bank
P.O. Box 95000-2605
Philadelphia, PA 19195-2605
Mail your tax payment with tax bill included.

No electronic checks should be sent to this address.

Tax payments without a tax bill or paid by electronic
check and received at this address will be rejected.
By Electronic Check Louis Girolami, Tax Collector
P.O. Box 1137
Concordville, PA 19331-1137
Mailing address for electronic check payments,
tax certifications, duplicate fee payments,
and all tax related correspondence.
By Hand Delivery Concord Township Building
Tax Lock Box (in lobby)
43 S. Thornton Rd.
Glen Mills, PA 19342
Accessible during normal business hours,
a lock box for hand delivery of tax payments is
located in the lobby of the Concord Township
Municipal Building.

Concord Township staff is not permitted to
accept tax payments.

Do not place tax payments in Township mailbox.
By In-Person Collection Indicated on tax bill. *Effective 03/15/2020, in-person Township Tax
Collection has been 

For in-person tax payment, refer to your tax bill
for specific dates and times.

Make an appointment to drop off your payment
to the Tax Collector. Allow a minimum of 3 days
advanced notice.


Tax payments made by mail must be postmarked on or before due date.
Township building closure is not an acceptable reason for late payment of taxes.

 Acceptable means of payment:

  1. Check payable to "Concord Township" or "Garnet Valley School District" (in payment of Township or School taxes respectively).
  2. Electronic check: the account field must reflect the folio number that appears on the tax bill.
    Account fields reflecting anything other than folio number will be rejected.
    (Electronic checks should be mailed to: Louis Girolami - Tax Collector, P.O. Box 1137, Concordville, PA 19331-1137)


*Electronic checks are not to be used to pay township interim taxes, school interim taxes or school installment taxes.*

*Cash, credit cards and money orders are not accepted.*

 How to obtain a paid receipt:

  1. When mailing your payment or depositing payment in the lockbox located in the township lobby, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the original and a photocopy of the tax bill. The photocopy will be stamped and returned to you.You will need to make a copy of school installment bills and all interim bills.
  2. Make your payment in person on any date indicated on the tax bill. Not an option at this time.

Lou Girolami - Tax Collector

Mr. Louis Girolami CPA (inactive), the appointed Tax Collector, is responsible for the billing, collection and recording of Concord Township Real Estate Taxes.  All tax related inquires should be directed to Mr. Girolami, preferably by email.

Please note: the Tax Collector does not work from the Concord Township Municipal Office.

To pay your real estate taxes in person, please refer to the information listed on your tax bill.