CodeRED Notification

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Sign up now for emergency and general informational notices from Concord Township.


The Township of Concord currently utilizes the OnSolve CodeRED system to keep residents informed.  This high-speed mass notification system provides for the secure and reliable delivery of emergency messages and general information.

All residents are encouraged to sign up for this FREE service.  Residents can choose to receive all announcements or specify to only receive emergency notices.  Regular announcements, including the Township e-newsletter, will be sent directly to registered email addresses.  Emergency alerts will be sent via email, voice phone call and text to phone.  You must sign up in order to receive any alerts.

When you see 866-419-5000, you will know it is a CodeRED alert.

Sign up by clicking HERE.



Call the Concord Township office at 610-459-8911, ext. 124 to supply your contact information over the phone.

Required information includes: first name, last name, street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes), city, state, zip code, email address, primary phone number and any additional phone numbers.

Any questions can be directed to the Township Office.