Concord Open Space Planning

Concord Open Space Planning

Greenways and Open Space Network Plan

Concord Township's

Trail Update
March 2019


This Township Trail Update was presented by the township engineer to Concord Township Council at their March 5, 2019 public meeting. The presentation included a review of trails planning: the multi-year process includes obtaining grants, trails planning, and then actual execution.

Please note: All plans are conceptual in nature.

Concord Township & Chester Heights Borough
Octoraro Greenway Feasibility Study
December 2016


A primary recommendation of the Concord Township Greenways and Open Space Network Plan (see below) was to investigate the feasibility of a trail along the former Octoraro Railroad. Concord Township and Chester Heights Borough have collaborated to prepare this feasibility study for the Octoraro Greenway.

Concord Township's
Greenways and Open Space Network Plan
December 2015


This updated plan was edited slightly in response to feedback received from the public. In short, diagrams were revised to add connections west of Route 202 and north of Route 1 and the narrative was revised (page 42) to reflect the same.

This updated plan was adopted at the Board of Supervisors
public meeting on February 2, 2016.