Concord Rocks

Concord Rocks

In February 2018, Concord Township’s Park & Recreation Department joined the “Spread the Love” Movement – One Rock at a Time.

The idea is to hide a painted rock in any area of the township for someone else to find it. When a person finds a rock, they can keep it, hide it again for someone else to find it or replace it with a rock they have painted.

At the request of the Park & Rec Board, Garnet Valley High School art teacher Claudia Eckel organized a group of student volunteers to paint rocks for this project. Thank you to Ms. Eckel and her students for helping start this community idea.

If you see a painted rock around town, pick it up, take a photo, and post it on the Concord Township Facebook page. Let us know where you found it – spreading the love.

Need a weekend project? Paint some rocks and hide them around the township and make other people smile.

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