Request Tax Certs / Duplicate Bills

Request for Tax Certifications and Duplicate Bills

Resolution No. 6-2020: 2020 Schedule of Fees

Taxing and escrow agencies requesting tax certifications or duplicate bills must e-mail their request and e-mail a copy of their check payable to “Concord Township“, to: The request should clearly state the year(s) and jurisdiction (township and/or school).

The fee is $20 per year for each jurisdiction. The request must also contain the e-mail address where the tax certification or duplicate bill will be sent. Tax certifications and duplicate bills will not be faxed or mailed.

The fee for rush orders, where a turnaround is desired within 72 hours of the request, is $25 per year for each jurisdiction. In addition, copies of the request and payment check should be e-mailed to:

A research fee of $25, in the form of a check made payable to "Concord Township", is required for each time the tax collector is requested by a third party company to research folio information.

Please refer to the resolution link above (see Tax Collector Services) for the current schedule of fees.

Fees should be remitted in a check, separate from the tax payments, and should be mailed to:

Louis Girolami, Tax Collector
P.O. Box 1137
Concordville, PA 19331-1137

The Delaware County Treasurer should be contacted for any County tax certifications or County duplicate bill requests.