Sewer Credit / Rates

Sewer Credit Information

On March 5, 2019, Township Council adopted Resolution 22-2019, which approved a new Sewer Credit Policy allowing homeowners the opportunity to claim credits on their quarterly sewer bill due to irrigation and/or pool fills.

Those seeking credits are responsible to register via a Township application filed with the CTSD prior to request for a credit. The application fee is $25 and must be renewed each year. Credits will be issued at the applicable billing rate in effect at the time of the usage. All credit requests must be received by November 1st in the given year of the recorded usage. In order to received credits, customers must either provide the Township, per the application, with the time stamped/dated photographs of the usage readings and/or request the Township's inspectors, for an additional fee, to inspect and read the meter to verify the credits requested.

Letter to Concord Township Sewer Customers
(dated March 20, 2019)

meter-3-220x300Irrigation System/Hose Credits: Those applying for irrigation system / hose credits are required to install a separate Township approved deduct irrigation/hose meter and supply the Township with meter readings in order to process a credit.
Please have irrigation/hose meter approved by Township prior to installation.

Irrigation Meter/Hose Sewer Credit Application

Pool Fill Credits: Those applying for pool fill credits are required to supply the Township with the dimensions and/or gallons it takes to fill their pool. This credit will be given for a new pool fill or a complete pool refill due to maintenance.

Pool Fill Sewer Credit Application

Sewer Rates
After many resident and customer requests for more equitable sewer rates, Concord Township Council authorized a study to explore a “usage based” rate structure. As a result, the Township approved a new rate structure based on consumption, which began May 1, 2018. The less expensive base rate is set for up to 10,000 gallons used per quarter. Additional charges will be affixed when consumption is in excess of the 10,000 gallons used per quarter.

All rates are based off consumption records provided to the Township by your water provider (Chester Water Authority or Suez Water).

Please see below for quarterly sewer rates and water conservation ideas.

Questions regarding Sewer Rates or Billing should be directed to:

Terri Grant
610-459-8911 Ext. 108

Quarterly Sewer Rates


$90.00 per quarter up to 10,000 gallons;
plus $5.50 per one thousand gallons over the initial 10,000 gallons.

$90.00 per quarter up to 10,000 gallons;
plus $8.25 per one thousand gallons over the initial 10,000 gallons.

$110.00 per quarter.

Examples of Sewer Rate Structure

Residential    Gallons Used        New Rate
                   10,000  $            90.00
                   15,000  $          117.50
                   25,000  $          172.50
                   40,000  $          255.00
Commercial    Gallons Used       New Rate
                  55,000  $           461.25
                250,000  $        2,070.00
                350,000  $        2,895.00
                675,000  $        5,576.25
           11,633,000  $      95,979.75
           21,000,000  $    173,257.50


Tips for Water Conservation to Reduce Your Consumption
Click here for CWA Water Conservation Tips:

Click here for Suez Water Conservation Tips:

Installing Rain Barrels
Rain barrels capture and store rain water; making it available for watering gardens, washing cars and other activities – instead of using the hose. The collected rain water is used in place of your utility or well water, therefore reducing costs.

Affordable rain barrels can be purchased or consider making your own.  Click Here to see how.

Pool Fill Services
Concord Township does not provide, promote or endorse any pool fill service.
Area pool fill services can easily be found by internet search.

A few companies that deliver pool water are:

Water Service Providers
Chester Water Authority

Customer Service - 24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week

SUEZ Water
(formerly United Water Bethel)