What Residents Can Do

Use a Rain Barrel
Rain barrels capture and store rain water; making it available for watering gardens, washing cars and other activities – instead of using the hose. The collected rain water is used in place of your utility or well water, therefore reducing costs. The stored rain water will not contribute to stormwater runoff, which causes flooding and carries pollutants to our streams. For more information regarding rain barrels, Click here.

Pick Up After your Dog
Pet waste can contribute nutrients and bacteria to our streams. In drinking water areas, the bacteria can form algae which is costly to treat. These costs can be passed on to you! Click here for more information.

Properly Dispose of Hazardous Waste
Do not dump anything down storm drains; they drain directly to the creek.
Delaware County holds four Hazardous Waste collections yearly.

Click here for the dates and more information.

Minimize Lawn Chemicals
Stormwater can carry pesticides and herbicides into the stream. Try natural lawn care methods instead of chemicals. If using chemicals, make sure to follow directions and do not apply when the forecast is calling for rain.

Only Rain in the Drain
Never put anything into storm sewers, including oil, paint, soap, debris, leaves, etc. Storm sewers do not go to the sewer plant but discharge directly to our streams. You might be pouring oil into your drinking water!

Plant Native Trees and Shrubs
Riparian buffers are the vegetated areas alongside streams. They are an important part of the natural ecosystem and vital to the health of streams and their organisms including fish, plants and other aquatic organisms.

Click here for additional information regarding trees and stormwater management.